UPDATES: The Lone Bandit and Shalako

UPDATES: The Lone Bandit and Shalako

We received some feedback about our June 2007 ATM column:

Writing in about the cowboy on horseback who robbed a Western bank in the 1930s, Don Bullis of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, states the story is true. “The Albuquerque Journal of June 2, 1932, reported that the First National Bank in Hatch was robbed of ‘approximately’ $2,000 on June 1, 1932. The robber escaped on horseback (on a black horse, according to a later story). He used a piece of adhesive tape across his face to conceal his identity, but it was arranged so that he could still speak … the bandit was arrested on June 9 at a ranch about four miles east of Cambray, New Mexico. He identified himself as Gideon L. Redding of Big Lake, Texas. He ‘maintained a haughty manner.’ In yet another Journal story, dated June 11…. He said that he was single, 32 years old, ‘and had never smoked, chewed, drank or used profanity.’”

Writing in about Shalako, a town that author Louis L’Amour was planning to build in Colorado, Jeri Messamore of Wild West Mercantile in Mesa, Arizona, states, “It is located near the town of Hesperus on the La Plata Canyon Road. L’Amour and his wife had their log cabin retreat there. This is not the same location as the Shalako House located outside of Mancos. Hopefully, the beautiful canyon area is still untouched by commercial enterprise.”

What do you think?

Marshall Trimble

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