Virgin River (Fiction) Richard S. Wheeler, Forge, $25.95, Hardcover.

Richard S. Wheeler, Forge, $25.95, Hardcover.
Richard S. Wheeler, Forge, $25.95, Hardcover.

Mountain Man Barnaby Skye and his two Indian wives, Mary of the Shoshone and Victoria of the Crow, drift through the golden summer of 1857 living off the wild land. When Mary presents Barnaby with a son, it’s back to work for all. Barnaby is hired at Fort Laramie, so he and his wives set out to pilot the New Bedford Infirmary Company, a group of youthful tubercular patients, in the Virgin River country. But the way leads through turbulent Utah Territory where war is brewing between the U.S. and the Latter-Day Saints, and where a party of immigrants had just been massacred at Mountain Meadows. Warned off by every wagon train, Barnaby and his indomitable wives need all their wilderness cunning to win through with their caravan of hopeful children. In Virgin River, Richard S. Wheeler takes readers on yet another rousing journey with the most unforgettable family in the Mountain West.

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