An American Classic

The Life of Walter Brennan: A Real American Character

In recent years, the University Press of Mississippi has established itself as a publishing leader in cinema biography with its Hollywood Legends Series. Carl Rollyson’s The Life of Walter Brennan: A Real American Character is the first biography of the beloved character actor whose career in film, television, radio and recording spanned fifty years. Unvarnished, well researched and documented, the City University of New York journalism professor worked closely with Brennan’s family in authoring the comprehensive biography of the iconic actor. The Massachusetts native and World War I veteran began his acting career in 1925 at Universal Studios as an extra. The importance of family (Walter and his wife Ruth were married 54 years, faith and country to Brennan are well researched topics in the biography, and provide great context to the famous character actor’s life, career and legacy. Fans of Brennan’s career, as well as students of cinema and television, will learn a lot about film making, and the role World War I veterans played in building a most original American industry, Hollywood, from Rollyson’s excellent biography. For more information on purchasing the book and the University of Mississippi’s catalog, go to:

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