Classic Western Tale Review of Howard Weinstein's Galloway's Gamble.

Galloways Gamble Western Novel Howard Weinstein
Galloway’s Gamble by Howard Weinstein.

Anyone who loves Charles Portis’s style of writing in True Grit, or readers ready to fall in love with a great yarn well told, should look no farther than Howard Weinstein’s Galloway’s Gamble (Five Star, $25.95).

Follow the years and adventures of brothers Jamie and Jake Galloway in 19th-century Texas, the Civil War and the American West, interacting with Indians, gamblers and whores extraordinaire, loves found and lost and a mother with enduring grit for the future.

The page-turning yarn had to end but this reader wished it hadn’t; perhaps a sequel with such rich characters will return in a twisting fun-filled tale.

—Jeb Rosebrook, author of Junior Bonner: The Making of a Classic with Steve McQueen and Sam Peckinpah in the Summer of 1971.

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