What book has the pictorial history of the Little Bighorn Battlefield?


I was struck by an 1879 photo of the Little Bighorn Battlefield that appeared in the April 2010 True West. Can your recommend a book that has the pictorial history of the site?

James Rowley

Laingsburg, Michigan

I contacted Diane Merkel, administrator of LittleBigHorn.info, and she says: “That photo was one of a series taken by Stanley J. Morrow in 1879. The perfect book for your reader is Where Custer Fell: Photographs of the Little Bighorn Battlefield Then and Now by James S. Brust, (the late) Brian G. Pohanka and Sandy Barnard.

It shows what the battlefield looked like in 1876 and thereafter, and it has an appendix of Morrow’s photos, including the rest of his ‘bones’ photos. It’s a great book, and most battle enthusiasts consider it a ‘must have’ for their libraries.”

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