Wildwood Stables Suzanne Weyn (Scholastic, $5.99 each).

Suzanne Weyn (Scholastic, $5.99 each).

Grades 3-7: No matter how much classmates tease her, nothing interests eighth-grader Taylor Henry as much as horses. In Daring to Dream, when a neighbor calls on her to help rescue two abandoned horses, she jumps at the chance. Her next weeks are spent earning the trust of the black gelding named Prince Albert and finding a place for the neglected animals to stay. With some creative storytelling and a determined heart, she finally finds a home for the horses in Wildwood Stables, an empty old barn near her house. In Playing for Keeps, the second book in the series, she begins to understand just how difficult it is to train an abused animal. She also realizes how hard it will be to create a stable that will support both horses and horse-lovers. The “Wildwood Stables” series is perfect for horse-loving girls of all ages. Taylor’s mission to take care of both her dreams and the animals is an inspiring message.

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