Y’all Don’t Tell My Mama I Was Here The Carburetors—Jay Goree, Mark Warwick, Duke Domingue and Bill Munoz, Chicken Fried Music, 2004.

carburetorsMuch about these North Carolina boys and their music defies description, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun!

Exploring the space between ’50s Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly and Bluegrass, 11 highly original songs feature the four Carburetors and topnotch artists like Phil & Gaye Johnson on mandolin and dobro, and others on drums, steel and banjo. Not quite Country, definitely not Cowboy, but well worth your time. Cuts like “Good-sized Girl,” “Women or Guns” and “That Dog Won’t Hunt” are outrageous and endearing. Gentlemen, rev your engines!—Corinne Brown

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