April 2018

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Road Trip!

Hugh Dickson "Shine" Smith

Shine Smith

Tom Tobin

Tracking Down the Killers

Suckers on the Strip

Harry Love

Shoot the Chief

Ann Bassett

The Queen’s Revenge

Peg Leg Smith Map of Lost Peg Leg Mine

Tom “Peg Leg” Smith

Tombstone Thunderbird

What History Has Taught Me: Russell True

Arizona Rangers

The First Arizona Rangers

Western Events for April 2018

Hostiles is Deeply Felt

Orphans on a train

The Orphan Trains

Classic Western Tale

Hell’s Comin’ With Me!

Del Potter's Mule-Powered Railroad

Del Potter’s Mule-Powered Railroad

marshall trimble ask the marshall true west magazine

What was the Most Effective Stance for an Old West Gunfighter?

The Grand Canyon State

ask the marshall true west

How Many Men did Marshal Dillon Kill in the Gunsmoke Series?

National Park Treasures

Building Your Western Library: Andrew Patrick Nelson

The Fair’s Frontier Fare

Mexican Revolutionary

Owen Wister’s Wyoming

10 Earp Vendetta Ride Myths

marshall trimble ask the marshall true west magazine

Was John Selman a Bad Guy?

Cattle Call

Sins of the Father

Peace on the High Plains

Commonwealth Mine, 1910

Arizona Pearce Boom to Bust

Proving Up

Rendering by Jack Graham from the cover of  “It Always Rains After a Dry Spell”

It Always Rains After a Dry Spell

DVD Review: Barquero

Nebraska’s Outlaw Trail

Kim Darby and John Wayne in True Grit True West

Objections Overruled!

The Spark that Launched the Vendetta Ride

Edmond O'Brien True West

O’Brien at the Movies

marshall trimble ask the marshall true west magazine

Was Josh Randall’s Wanted: Dead or Alive ”Mare’s Leg” Winchester based on a real Old West Gun?

Bradshaw Mountain Railway

Daylight Saving Time

Charleston, 1885 True West

The Hunt for Zwing

Nevada’s Silver Roots

Mormon War’s Grand Views

Leander McNelly

A Respected Lawman

The End of the West

Edmund Davis

The Unpopular Governor of Texas

A Frontier Favorite Lever Gun

Monument Valley from The Searchers

John Ford and Harry Goulding

Jack Helm death illustration

Bring ‘Em Back Alive?

old west toothbrush true west

The Redoubtable Toothbrush

Custer’s Gold

Tombstone's Bird Cage Theater

The Bird Cage Theater

Pembina Post Office, 1863 True West

A Shootout Between Friends

marshall trimble ask the marshall true west magazine

Who has Jim Bowie’s Knife from the 1836 Battle of the Alamo?

Monkey Business

dave mather true west

Mysterious Dave and the Preacher

Pueblo, CO True West

The Robber Revealed

stagecoach travel true west

How Good was Mail Service in the Old West

Eastern Oregon 175th Anniversary of the Oregon Trail

175 Years of Pioneer Spirit

Eternal Texas Rangers

Nat Kinney True West

A Vigilante Pays the Price

Jane Russell in The Outlaw True West

Those Old B-Westerns

America’s Most Famous Firehouse?

San Angelo Frontier Day Calvary True West

Discover Texas Western Heritage

A Treaty Goes Up in Smoke