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¡Viva Zapata! ¡Tierra y Libertad!

A century AFTER the end of the Mexican revolution, revolutionary Emiliano Zapata still inspires political reform and justice.

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Heroes and Villains, Sinners and Saints

For 20 years at True West, Bob Boze Bell’s art and illustrations have inspired and challenged our understanding of Western American history.

The Artists Who Inspired a National Park

Photographer William Henry Jackson and artist Thomas Moran joined the 1871 Hayden Survey to Yellowstone and changed the world with their artwork.

Virgil Returns

The former lawman’s eight years in Yavapai County may have been the best of his life.

Birth Of A Lawman

Civil War veteran Virgil Earp was just settling down in Prescott when he joined a posse. his life was never the same.