December 2015

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Western Events for December 2015

Josh Tatum's Gold Plated Nickel

I’m Just Joshin’ Ya!

Cancer Cure Headline

To Cure Cancer

Hashknife Cowboys

The Hashknife Outfit

Cold Heart, Just Rewards

The Missouri Kid

The Missouri Kid

Surviving a Stagecoach Robbery

Billy the Kid

Meeting Billy the Kid

George Parsons Tombstone

Tombstone’s Religious Side

Susan Anderson

House Calls Without A Horse or Buggy

Leonaro DiCaprio as Mountan Man Hugh Glass

The Highest Peak

The Red Sash Gang

The Red Sash Gang

Bill Braxten

The Man Who Swallowed a Wagon Wheel

Ask The Marshall: Wild Bill Hickok

How was Wild Bill Hickok killed?

Edward Schieffelin

Tombstone’s Competitor

Native Americans in Movies

Native Americans in Movies

The Original War Wagon

Ed Maxwell

The Maxwell Brothers

Issac C. Parker

Hang on These Words

Ogalala Lakota Leaders Red Cloud and American Horse with Buffalo Bill Cody

Following Red Cloud

Billy Hutchinson’s Bird Cage Theater

Old West Cowboy Gun

Gotta Know the Lingo

Teddy's Rough Riders book Cover

Teddy’s Roughest Riders

Mattie Silks

The Nude Duel that Will Not Die

Fred Waite Lincoln County War

Fred Waite and the Lincoln County War

Bob Younger

The Youngers Visit Madelia

Wyatt Earp

You Slapped Wyatt Earp and Lived to Tell?

Keepsake Biscuits photo

River Captain’s Hotel

Charlie Bowdre’s Blood Stained Photo

Jim Hoy

Flint Hills Folklorist Jim Hoy

Bob Lemmons

Herding with the Wind

Bob Dalton

Bob Dalton’s Gang

Ask The Marshall: Wild Bill Hickok

Were Indian War soldiers ordered to crush empty shell casings so Indians could not reload them?

Naiche, chief of the Apaches

A Brilliant But Doomed Mission

William Wilson’s Hanging

Wild Bill

Wild Bill’s Paranoia

The Lives of Robert Ryan

The Reluctant Hero

Hugh Glass’s Deadly Journey

Bird Cage Theater

Antics at the Bird Cage Theater

Nature’s Complexion

Seats of Luxury

Annie Oakley

What’s in a Name?

Bird Cage

The Bird Cage Theater

Ask The Marshall: Wild Bill Hickok

What happened to Pancho Villa’s henchman Rodolfo Fierro?

Spirit of the Prairie: The History of the Making of the Medicine Lodge Indian Peace Treaty Pageant

Spirit of the Prairie Celebrated

Davy Crockett Flintlock

Sure Cure for Flinchlock Fever

Mochi's War book cover

Tragedy on the Southern Plains


The Human Custer

Dynamite Cannon

The First Boom Stick

When Life Imitates Art

Ken Western

Ken Western

John Colter, First Mountain Man

The First Mountain Man

Magnificent Seven

Seven Still Magnificent

Ask The Marshall: Wild Bill Hickok

How was Morgan Earp killed?

A Compelling Argument

Henry C. Goodman, Gus Heffron and Davy Crockett

The Outlaw Davy Crockett

Mysterious Dave

Mysterious Dave and the Preacher

Mail Order Bride Wedding

Arizona’s Mail Order Brides

Burning The Candle At One End


The Merchant of Death?

Cowboy Capital of the World

Burt Alvord F

The Fairbank Train Robbery

Grant Conspiracy book cover

Wild, Wild West


Handcart Pioneers

John Newman Edwards

Jesse James’s Publicity Agent


Epitaph for the Living and the Dead


What were Old West jails like?

Fred Harvey Meals

Watch the Cup, Please

Custer Book Cover

My Name is Custer: We are Many

Rockin’ It On The Navajo Trail

Wounded Knee Camp

Ghost Dance Tragedy

Pat Garrett’s Ghostwriter

Adah Issacs Menken

The Great Menken

Treasures of the Black Range

Minden, Nebraska

Townful of Santas

Allen Street, Tombstone, AZ

Life in Tombstone

Supreme Cowgirl

Sarah Jane Woodson

Thank You, Sarah Jane Woodson