February 2018

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The Dreaded Buscadero Sinks Costner’s Wyatt Earp

Bat Masterson True West Magazine

No Cane for Bat Masterson

Ben Thorn True West Magazine

A Deadly Card Game

Blood on the Earth

Ed Scarborough True West Magazine

Not a Chip Off the Old Block

Boone May True West

Boone Gets His Man

Lost Pick Mine

Lewis & Clark-Inspired Whiskey

How Tombstone Got The Right Look

barnstormers true west

American Barnstormers in Mexico

Fort Rucker True West

Mary Kidder Rak

Building Your Western Library with Orin Vaughn

marshall trimble ask the marshall true west magazine

What Was the Most Popular Weapon After the Civil War?

The Absolute Best Historically Accurate Westerns

A Ghost for the Ages

Texas’s Loyal Unionist

The sliding jail in Jerome, Arizona True West

Jerome – “A City on the Move”

What History Has Taught Me: Max Allan Collins

Robert Ford True West

Mrose vs Ford

Western Events for February 2018

ask the marshall true west

Who Succeeded “Wild Bill” Hickok as Marshal of Abilene, Kansas?

An Enduring Everyman Hero

Sheriff Geroge Ruffner True West

Sandy Huntington

John Wesley Hardin postmortem True West

The Fatal Bullet

DVD Review: The Law And Jake Wade

Martin Mrose True West

A Bad Reputation

Jerome, Arizona 1927 True West

Jerome, Arizona

A Fool’s Errand

An Empirical Tejano

doc Holliday True West

Doc Does Dallas

The Mysterious Death of John Ringo

Blessed Booze

Benson Station, Arizona True West

Harry Wheeler

ORO Cowboys by Jay Dusard True West


ask the marshall true west

Did Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday’s Fathers Meet While Serving in the Mexican-American War?

lyons lynching true west

A Broken Heart, A Broken Neck

Sitting Bull’s Dancing Horse

What Killed Off The High Chaparral?

Esteban Ochoa True West

Esteban Ochoa

Music to Our Eyes

Modernization of Mexico’s Army

james williams true west

A Hard End for a Vigilante Leader

Hot Air & Kind Words

Sheriff commodore perry owens True West

Commodore Perry Owens

ask the marshall true west

Did Most Old West Towns Have “No Carry” Gun Laws?

Wild West Six-gun Goes to War

al jennings true west

Al Jennings

Bee Ho Gray True West

A Name to Remember

Top 10 True Western Towns of 2018

True West Ultimate Historic Travel Guide Book

Hot Off the Press–True West Ultimate Historic Travel Guide Available Now

vincent price in the baron of arizona true west

James Addison Reavis

Gunfight in the Galiuros

Monument to an Angel

ask the marshall true west

Did Whip Snapper Lash LaRue Make Movies?

The McNelly Ruse

The Wild West of Canvas and Nitrate

Apache Traitor or Hero?