True West January 2020


Is He The West’s Greatest Hero? Or Was He A Crooked Jailbird Pimp?



Ride the Devil’s Herd

How the Cowboys Ruled Tombstone before Wyatt Earp.

2020 True West Best of the West

Our 18th Annual Celebration of the Absolute Best of the West!

Wyatt Earps

The Earp Rap Sheet

Before Wichita, Dodge City and Tombstone, the Earp Brothers were more notorious than heroic.

Peoria Wyatt Earp True West Magazine

Earps Gone Wild

Brothers Wyatt and Morgan’s “bum” year pimping in Peoria, Illinois, primed them for their future as frontier boomtown opportunists on both sides of the law.

Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp True West Magazine

The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp

Glorified, fictionalized and hotly debated, the enigmatic lawman’s life from antebellum Illinois to urban Los Angeles remains iconically fascinating 90 years after his death.

wyatt earp

Wyatt Earp: The West’s Dark Knight

The Man, The Myth And The Search for Order.

true west's 20th anniversary

True West’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

On the anniversary of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, we celebrated in Cave Creek.


Will Bagley

What History Has Taught Me: Will Bagley, Historian

Will Bagley has written or edited 25 books on overland emigration, frontier violence, railroads, mining and the Mormons. He rafted down the Mississippi River in 1969, performed country music from Wyoming to Nevada, and has forgotten everything he learned as journeyman carpenter. Between 2000 and 2004, the Salt Lake Tribune published about 225 of his columns and articles. Bagley has won too many prizes to list here, but his favorite is Western Writers of America’s Owen Wister Award.

ask the marshall true west magazine

Bogus Marshals, Tintypes and Rebel Yells

Ask The Marshall.

Western Roundup: January 2020

Art Shows, Auctions, Heritage Festivals, Poetry Gatherings, Rodeos, and more!


Wyatt Goes Rogue

Wyatt’s Posse vs Florentino Sais.

The Laws Railroad Museum

The Laws Railroad Museum

Volunteers dedicated to the Old West have kept a beloved historic site alive near Bishop, California.

Frederick Schwatka

From fighting in the Great Sioux War to daring exploits in Alaska, the Oregon cavalryman had the right stuff.

The Notes from Nome

What happened to Wyatt Earp’s 1900 written recollections of his adventures?

More In This Issue

The Best of the West: Western Fare

Famed New York steakhouse of yore set the standard for fine restaurants on the Western frontier.

The Best of the West: Firearms

Four replica firearms companies stand out for keeping the spirit of the Old West alive and well.

The Best of the West: Art and Collectibles

Western art dealers and buyers will remember 2019 as a watershed year in Old West collecting.

The Best of the West: True Westerner of the Year 2020

Presenting the West from a whole new perspective, Michael J. Fox.