June 2018

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What History Has Taught Me: Rudolfo Anaya

Jim Leavy

A Watch to Die For

The Strike and the Spinoff

The Calamitous Martha Jane

Recycling a Western

ask the marshall true west

Did Ranches have Ice Houses?

Legend of Black Bart

Idaho City: Queen of the Gold Camps

Andy Devine

A Hero on the Run

The Truth about Wild Bill

Western Events for June 2018

The Hazards of Underground Mining

A Sad End For Matt Warner

Russian Bill

marshall trimble ask the marshall true west magazine

Did Gunmen really make Tenderfeet “Dance” by Shooting at their Feet?

Custer and Hostages

A Classic Western

Bad Horsemanship

Highways to History

Carl Hayden: A New Breed of Frontier Lawmen

Fish Tales

Bill Kirkland

marshall trimble ask the marshall true west magazine

What did Cowboys Carry Behind Their Saddles?

painting earps vendetta cowboys riding by bud bradshaw

The Forgotten Vendetta Rider

Arizona’s Battle of Bull Run

Buckaroo Country

Theodore Roosevelt’s Embellishments

photo wyatt earp josie earp

A Rose by Any Other Name

Found: Trumpeter Martin’s Carbine?

Building Your Western Library: Steve Friesen

wyatt earp funeral photo pallbearers wyatt earp funeral

A Pall to Bear

photo matt rash

A Rash Decision

photo us president chester arthur

Washington Steps in–Almost

Curly Bill Brocius

photo henry c hooker hat bowtie

A Drive for the Birds

Crazy Facts You Never Knew About Custer’s Last Stand

marshall trimble ask the marshall true west magazine

Was “Little Gertie, the Gold Dollar” Real?

photo cattle loaded onto train chicago stockyards

Shipping Cattle to Market by Rail

Theodore Roosevelt, That Damned Cowboy

george warren

A Race for The Copper Queen

Romance and the Buffalo Hunt

Dusty’s Journey to the Movies

girl fishing concho river san angelo texas

Discover San Angelo – An Oasis in West Texas, Off the Beaten Path

Fame, Fortune and a Snowball’s Chance in Hell

marshall trimble ask the marshall true west magazine

What Happened in the Billy Allen-”Doc” Holliday Fight Over $5?

The Generals’ West

The Painter’s Cabin

Books: Rough Drafts

The Dodge City Lawdog

emanuel stance grave marker

A Hero One Day, A Victim Another

cowboy on horse smith photo

Legends in Levis