September 2018

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Fire in the Hole!

marshall trimble ask the marshall true west magazine

Did Old West Saloons Have Refrigeration?

Adventures in the Apache Country

Junior Bonner

Grinnin’, Gunnin’ and Funnin’

What History Has Taught Me: Erik J. Wright

Americas First “Astronauts”

This is Where Cole Younger Dies

Don’t Look Back

Bodie, California

Fort Smith, Arkansas: Where the Old West Begins

Don’t Take a Beer Mug to a Gunfight

Building Your Western Library: Doug Hocking

A Not So Heroic End

Cole Younger, American Outlaw

painting of rider in monsoon bob boze bell

A Voice That Is His Own Derision

A Bad Bad Man

The Gunfighter: Cool Under Fire

marshall trimble ask the marshall true west magazine

What was Paladin’s first name on Have Gun-Will Travel?

Western Events for September 2018

Joe Mundy Rides Again

Cap Mossman: Boss of the Hashknife

The Best Western Art Museums

Like Ducks to Water

Wyatt: The Early Years

Mexican Marvels

The Return of Doc Holliday

Credit Where Credit is Due

nate champion true west

The Johnson County War: The Grandaddy of the Old West’s Range Wars

Boxing’s First Champion

The Bitterest Pill

ed mell painting riders of the purple sage opera

A Real Horse Opera

Pursuing Outlaw Sam Bass

marshall trimble ask the marshall true west magazine

How Tough was Longhorn Meat?

Sneak Attack on the James Farm

Running the River of Truth

Gateways to the Old West

Trouble for the Thompson Kin

John Wesley Hardin: The Deadliest of ‘Em All

Prone to Violence

The Youngest Prisoner

Did “Big Nose Kate” Carry a Gun?

Time to Die

rene secretan illustration bob boze bell true west moments

The Paris Punk

Remington’s Last Six-guns

Riding for the Hashknife

Bank Robbery at Telluride

marshall trimble ask the marshall true west magazine

How did Frontier Ladies Curl their Hair?

painting of arab warrior by bob boze bell

Arab Berbers Ride Hard

I Will Always Be Your Friend

Viva L’ouest!

A Hero on his Last Run

A Dandy of a Man

John Slaughter and the San Bernardino Ranch

New “Old” Photo of 1896 Fight

History in Ink

marshall trimble ask the marshall true west magazine

Why did Cavalrymen Wear their Pistols with the butts Forward?

A Graphic Novel Breaks Ground

A Poignant Portrait of Calamity Jane

The Mother Lode Spirit

Beyond Awesome

The Killing of John Younger: Bad Day in Roscoe, Missouri

Rough Drafts

The Youngers of Missouri: Part Two

Upping the Ante

The Man who Brought Down the High Fives

The Youngers of Missouri: First Blood