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A husband wanted, apply now!

Some women seeking a husband did not leave matters to chance but spelled out their intentions and requirements in newspaper notices. One such advertisement read:


“By a lady who can wash, cook, scour, sew, milk, spin, weave, hoe (can’t plow), cut wood, make fires, feed the pigs, raise chickens, rock the cradle (gold rocker, I thank you sir!) saw a plank, drive nails, etc. These are a few of the solid branches; now for the ornamental. ‘Long time ago she went as far as syntax, read Murray’s Geography, and through two rules in Pike’s Grammar and. Could find 6 states on the Atlas, could read, and you see she can write. Can—no could—paint roses, butterflies, ships etc, but
now she can paint houses, whitewash fences and etc. Now For Her Terms: Her age is none of your business. She is neither handsome nor a fright, yet fat old man need not apply, nor any who have not a little more education than she has, and a great deal more gold, for there must be $20,000 settled on her before she will bind herself to perform all the above.”

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