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Visit Southeast Montana!

In Southeast Montana, panoramic landscapes intertwine with the rich history of the Old West offering epic adventures in discovery and an authentic glimpse of life on the American frontier.

At Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, walk the hills and ravines where brave warriors and soldiers clashed and the U.S. 7th Cavalry, under the command of Lt. Gen. Custer, was decimated by Lakota, Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho warriors. Annually, on the third weekend in June, honor history with reenactments, ceremonies and other signature events. Follow the Trail to the Little Bighorn, a series of 19 roadside markers that tell the story of the days leading up to and shortly after this renowned battle.

Or, trace the footsteps of courageous explorers at Pompeys Pillar National Monument. In 1806, Captain William Clark, of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, journeyed down the Yellowstone River and came upon a sandstone butte that jutted 150-feet above the prairie. Clark carved his name next to generations of pictographs and petroglyphs—incredible evidence that remains today. Enjoy an awe-inspiring interpretive center, replica dugout canoes, original J.K. Ralston paintings and 360-degree views from the top of the pillar.

For more history of the Western frontier, tour some of the region’s premier historical attractions —Western Heritage Center (Billings), Powder River County Museum (Broadus), Huntley Project Museum of Irrigated Agriculture and Big Horn County Museum (Hardin). Belly-up at the Montana Bar in Miles City or stay at the Kempton Hotel in Terry—Montana’s longest-continuously operating motel.

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