Top Ten True Western Towns 2023

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Application Deadline November 21, 2022

True West Magazine, published since 1953, invites America’s most Western towns to participate in our 18th annual award of the Top 10 True Western Towns. True West’s winners will be featured in the magazine’s February/March 2023 issue.

Top Ten Towns 2023

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  • Your nomination should share your town’s contributions to preserving its Old West Heritage (1803-1920) in projects completed in 2022, as well as ongoing projects. Our area of interest largely tracks from the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 to the Mexican Revolution in 1920, but we are interested in earlier time periods as well, including European settlement, the era of exploration and pre-Columbian Indian history.

    The following pages contain our requested criteria and statistical data that will help us determine our top ten towns.

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