Witness For The Defense Wyatt Earp watched as others shot it out.

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Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp was actually a witness to a big gunfight.  It was April 14, 1885 at the Gem Saloon in El Paso.  Earp and fellow Vendetta rider Dan Tipton were gambling when former policeman Will Raynor opened up on “Cowboy Bob” Remnick.  Remnick returned fire and mortally wounded his attacker.  Half-an-hour later, Raynor friend and former Texas Ranger Buck Linn showed up and shot at faro dealer Robert Cahill, thinking the gambler was the culprit in the earlier shooting.  Cahill then shot and killed Linn.  Wyatt and Tipton testified at the hearing. Remnick and Cahill were released on self-defense.

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