mtrimbleWho is Chief Buffalo Hump?

Augustus McCrae

Batesville, Arkansas

A chief of the Peneteka Comanche, Buffalo Hump is perhaps best known for the famous raid on Victoria and Linville, Texas, in August 1840.

Buffalo Hump and his warriors actually captured Victoria, something rare in the annals of the Indian Wars. They ransacked the town and stole some 2,000 horses. Most of the citizens saved themselves by taking to boats.

The Indians spent the entire day ravaging the town, but taking so much loot slowed them down. The Texans caught up with them at Plum Creek. In a running fight that went 15 miles, the Comanches lost 80 warriors while the Texans lost only one (although Buffalo Hump and his braves got away with most of the plunder).

Buffalo Hump led a peaceful surrender of his people in 1846. He bought a house and farmland in Indian Territory to set an example for the tribe. He died in 1870.

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