Bob Boze Bell


What happens when three heavyweight historians go at it?

alamo true west magazine

Saving The Alamo

The true history of the Alamo is long and complicated, but preserving it is even harder.

Dead Ringers

For the past 29 years I have utilized some pretty amazing Kid look-alikes.

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The Glorious & Tragic Last Days of Geronimo

In spite of being a prisoner of war, Goyathlay (his real name) rode in Teddy Roosevelt’s inaugural parade and visited the White House. With his growing national notoriety he began to cash in. He favored three-piece suits, and he had a sweet tooth for lemon pie. He was a master haggler and, by one account, a fearless homemaker. Truth be told, he was a master at beating the White Man at his own game. At the end of his long, rich life, what was his dying wish?

A schoolteacher in New Mexico found the answer.

This is that story.