True West

La Frontiera

From the settlement of Texas to the Mexican Revolution, The Texas Rangers were the most respected—and feared—law enforcers in Lone Star State history.

Dawson's Brigade True West Magazine

Too Brave To Die

The heroic tale of the Dawson Brigade and Henry Gonzalvo Woods’s remarkable survival at the September 1842 Dawson Massacre.

Classic True West Magazine

“… Not a Single Notch!”

Captain Neal was the calmest Ranger of ’em all. Outlaws never doubted that he’d kill if necessary—he just never let it get necessary.

Alpine Texas Rangers True West Magazine

Alpine, Texas

Texas’s Big Bend town is a rich crossroads of Western heritage.

Born Outlaws

Bill Markley’s dual biography on Jesse James and Billy the Kid, a new Texas frontier history, two Western novels and a new history of the American Indian.