Western Movies

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A Fistful of Ladies

Women may love Westerns, but only a handful have directed one.

The Long Riders True West

Bands of Brothers

Forty years after the release of The Long Riders, the actor-writer-producers, cast members and legendary director Walter Hill reflect on the making of a Western classic.

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True Grit’s 50th Anniversary

John Wayne’s Oscar-winning performance as Rooster Cogburn in the Paramount film culminated the greatest year in Western film history. 

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Born to the West

Robert Carradine reflects on his career in Westerns and his family’s rich legacy in Hollywood.

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Dead Wrong!

Nobody in our circle got this one right.

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Wild, Wild Truths

Sometimes the truth is wilder than anything you can make up.

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Franco Nero

The once and future “Django” is still a star 55 years after being cast in his first Western role.