everybody-hates-meTerry “Ike” Clanton, 44, is proud of his outlaw relatives.

He thinks they got a raw deal at the so-called O.K. Corral gunfight. And he thinks Ike is still getting a raw deal. Terry and his friends say they found Ike’s remains near where he fell in 1887 on the Blue River in Eastern Arizona. Terry tried to have the remains reburied in Tombstone’s Boothill in 1998, but the request was denied. So now Terry “Ike” Clanton is getting a taste of the raw deal himself through the website he created to discuss all things Clanton—TombstoneArizona.com.

Here is a sampling of some of the more colorful e-mail postings on Terry’s site:

´ “I think it would be wrong to bury Ike in Tombstone, you should let him lie where he died.”

´ “Old Man Clanton and his rubbish sons should not be buried amongst good people.”

´ “Your (sic) stupid.”

´ “You know what? Doc Holliday was a good man. The Earps certainly had their reasons for firing on the Clantons and McLaurys, who were hungover Cowboys. The Cowboys were known for their lawless deeds. The Whole World knows that! So why are you painting a distorted picture of the truth?”

´ “I’m glad that the Tombstone City Council denied your request to bury Ike in Boothill. It’s already got Indian Charlie, Old Man and Billy Clanton, William Claibourne, Tom and Frank McLaury, Dan Dowd, Red Sample, Tex Howard, Bill Delaney, Dan Kelley, John Heath, Charley Storms, 3-Fingered Jack Dunlap, and God knows who else. One more scumbag and all the good folk buried will rise up and seek eternal rest someplace else.”

´ “Let’s give the outlaw a medal and hang the marshal. I think the city of Tombstone did the right thing. You say how the media is on your side and all that other garbage. This is the same media who backed Clinton. They are always on the side of the criminals. No brainer? Duh!”

´ “You and the Earps were both crooks.”

´ “Ike was a wreck waiting to happen. Unfortunately, his brother Billy and the McLaurys suffered the dire consequences for Ike’s one man riot. Do you think he ever looked hard and long in the mirror and saw his own responsibility for their deaths? I would hope he did, but I doubt it. It should have gnawed at him for the rest of his sorry days.”

´ “O.K. (pardon the pun).”

´ “Your family were murderers and you know it. So don’t act like they were heroes and stuff. Earps live on! Peace.”

´ “I’m sure you know the Claytons (sic) had it coming. We all have it coming, sooner or later is the only question.”

´ “The Clantons were scum.”

´ “Sir, your relatives are with reproach! They were the guilty parties. Shame on you!”

´ “The Earps were not pure but they were also not in the slime and as low as the Clantons. In fact, they did more good for this country than anything bad they were known for. Have a nice day Clanton, hope you change your ways, but I doubt it.”

´ “Ike and his allies were a bunch of troublemakers with no lifes (sic). Were any of them married? Did they have any children in wedlock? Don’t defend scum, even if it’s kin! The truth will set you free.”

´ “You Clantons were killers and you were chickens when Wyatt Earp pulled a gun out on you.”

´ “You Guys crazy mofos. What the heck is going on in USA? Are you all Crazy?”

´ “Face it buddy, your family history is not a proud one.”

´ “How can Ike be your cousin if he was dead before your grandfather was born?”

´ “The Clantons and McLaury’s were brainless, blood thirsty, trigger happy idiots who didn’t give a damn about anybody and thought they were above the law just because they had a whore on their side by the name of Sheriff John Harris Behan. I hope Ike’s sadass remains are never found because that sack of crap doesn’t deserve a descent (sic) burial.”

´ “All I have to say is ya’ll suck!”


To read more messages to Terry “Ike” Clanton, visit his website at www.TombstoneArizona.com

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