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Did Old West gunfighters really tie down their holsters?

Tom Sakely
Warren, Michigan

Most experts say a tie-down buscadero rig was a 20th-century Hollywood creation. It looked cool and the fast draw guys could have shootouts. Photos indicate there were some exceptions—but that’s just what they were.

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As the star of the TV series The Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore wore a Edward Bohlin designed double-holster buscadero gun rig. — ALL IMAGES COURTESY TRUE WEST ARCHIVES UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED —

Traditionally, the most common holster in the Old West was the Mexican Loop, where the holster flap goes over the top of the belt and is loose. It doesn’t need a tie-down. Truth is, the pistol waist-high or slightly below enables a shootist to get the gun in action faster than a low-slung buscadero. Besides, those Hollywood-style shootouts, a staple in the movies, were very rare in the real West.

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