Jordan Richmond, owner of Richmond Auctions in Greenville, SC, exploded onto the collectibles scene in 2021 offering rare, investment grade advertising including porcelain and neon automobile, gas, oil and soda signs. In 2022, Richmond set a world record by selling the first advertising sign to eclipse $1 million.

On November 18th Richmond Auctions will host their inaugural Firearms & Sportsman’s Auction featuring 160 lots of world class guns including highly engraved shotguns, rifles and handguns from Browning, Winchester, Colt, A.H. Fox, Smith & Wesson, Parker (with Pachmayr upgrades) and Holland & Holland. The firearms are paired with over 150 advertising pieces from Winchester, Peters, Federal, UMC and more plus 30 investment grade antique fishing lures.



Highlights include a set of custom Colt Single Action Army revolvers made for John Wayne’s family and owned by Patrick Wayne, high-grade Winchester Model 21 and Parker shotguns owned and upgraded by Frank Pachmayr, Fox FE Grade shotgun, nearly 50 Belgian Browning shotguns and rifles plus two Gene Autry Western Heritage Series custom Colt Single Action Army revolvers.

Registration for online or on-site bidding is underway at or by calling 864-991-5949.


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