Visit Medora, North Dakota Sponsored by Medora CVB

Welcome to Medora

On the western edge of North Dakota with the Badlands as its backdrop, sits the historic town of Medora. This one of a kind town is better known as North Dakota’s #1 tourist destination. Medora is surrounded by breathtaking, unspoiled nature with Theodore Roosevelt National Park acting as its backyard. Known for its western culture, visitors will find this historic hub filled with an endless array of activities and events for all ages. Whatever your hobby may be, Medora has it all.



When the time is right for you, Medora and all of  North Dakota will be ready!

Experience the adventure; the wonder. Chase the echoes in the vast openness. Dance with the vivid sunlight
Go. Go to what is calling. Go become a part of the legacy!
#LetsMakePlans #VisitMedora

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