January 2014

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Curtis’s Big Dream


The Lawman & the Land Rush


Hard Living: Elmore Leonard’s West

john waynes brother

How do we know the tintype photo is really of Billy the Kid?

john waynes brother

Did some cowboys dig up a corpse and pour whiskey down his throat?

john waynes brother

I have seen several photos on the Internet claiming to be of Doc Holliday, however, many of the facial features don’t match up. What gives?

john waynes brother

In the Pancho Villa photograph, who is the man peering over Gen. John “Black Jack” Pershing’s left shoulder? Huge wager on this! Your input, please.

john waynes brother

How common was postmortem photography in the Old West?

best -western-books-writers- 2014

True West’s Best Western Books of 2013

I saw comparison photos of Etta Place and Ann Bassett, and they look identical to me. Was Ann Etta?

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buffalo gal

Buffalo Gal


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Shoot-out at Stinking Springs


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bob mccubbin

Robert G. McCubbin


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john waynes brother

Who are the men in the “mystery photo” that claims to feature some of the Old West’s most famous gunfighters at Hunter’s Hot Springs in Montana?