best-western-firearms-2014Westward expansion took place during the Industrial Revolution, which was also a time of great evolution in the world of firearms. The development in ignition systems, metallurgy, mechanical design and other arms technology progressed rapidly between 1800 and 1900.
Although photography was in its infancy, cameras captured frontier folk, armed and ready for business—whatever that may be—for future generations to study and enjoy. Here are some of our favorite firearms photos from the true West.


Best Fun With a Gun

Editor’s Choice: Cowboy Fast Draw

Reader’s Choice: Cowboy Action Shooting


Best Gunleather Artisan

Editor’s Choice: John Bianchi Frontier Gunleather

Reader’s Choice: El Paso Saddlery


Best Firearms Engraver

Editor’s Choice: Bill Johns

Reader’s Choice: American Legacy Firearms


Best Cowboy Action Pistol

Editor’s Choice: Colt Single Action Army

Reader’s Choice: Colt Single Action Army


Best Cowboy Action Rifle

Editor’s Choice: Cimarron 1886 Winchester

Reader’s Choice: Uberti Model 1873 Winchester


Best Cowboy Action Shotgun

Editor’s Choice: Cimarron 1883 Double Barrel Shotgun .410

Reader’s Choice: Cimarron 1887 Hammered Coach Gun


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