2014-western-wear-truewest-best-of-the-westWhen pioneers headed West, they had to adapt their clothing to the new unchartered environs they found themselves in. They also picked up new designs, noticed in some natives’ beaded and buckskin garments.

Their fashions are so timeless that pocket watches worn by the likes of the Wild Bunch remain stylish choices for dressed-up gents, plain and embellished cowboy boots still put some swagger in our steps and the cowboy vest is a quintessential Western look, for both men and women. Whether your getup is designed for function or as a nod to tradition, you have a plethora of choices from designers of all kinds, creating period and contemporary looks inspired by the Old West.


***Best of the West Western Wear 2014***

Best Western Bootmaker

Editor’s Choice: Lucchese, El Paso, TX

Reader’s Choice: M.L. Leddy’s in Fort Worth, TX


Best Western Hatmaker

Editor’s Choice: Greeley Hat Works, Greeley, CO

Reader’s Choice: Baldwin’s Custom Hat Co., Sisters, OR
and Limpia Creek Hats, Fort Davis, TX


Best Western Clothing Maker

Editor’s Choice: Miller Ranch, Denver, CO

Reader’s Choice: Wrangler, Greensboro, NC


Best Period Western Clothing Maker

Editor’s Choice: Old Frontier Clothing, Los Angeles, CA

Reader’s Choice: Scully Oxnard, CA

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