dvd_comanche-moon_val-kilmer_steve-zahn_karl-urban_miniseriesI won’t poke any more holes into what promises to be the final production in the Larry McMurtry Lonesome Dove series, starring Val Kilmer (Inish Scull), Steve Zahn (Gus McCrae) and Karl Urban (Woodrow Call).

Odd though, that the DVD promises an extended version but never bothers to tell us what, if anything, was added. Fact is, I’d rather be smacked in the kisser by Inez Scull’s quirt than try to once again wade through 284 minutes of this miniseries looking for a few added seconds of footage.

You’ll find a couple of sad little featurettes on this two-disc collection, including one on the Comanche costuming and use of authentic eagle feathers.

As far as the CBS miniseries goes, I can promise nearly five hours of Gus and Call, some Comanches and a lot of Texas dirt. My recommendation: If you must, watch the discs and then read the original novel, because while the book is great fun all by itself, it will seem even better coming off the film. Then maybe go back and watch the original Lonesome Dove series with Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones.

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