Combining Old West history with an old-fashioned Western road trip guarantees the making of memories of a lifetime.

Perched on Cleopatra Hill above the Verde Valley, Jerome, Arizona, is the perfect place to visit, stay and discover one of the Grand Canyon State’s best preserved historic communities. Courtesy Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress


Everyone remembers their first trip to the “Old West.” My first memory was a family trip to the historic mining town of Jerome, Arizona, followed by a tour of Tuzigoot National Monument just down Cleopatra Hill near Clarkdale and Cottonwood. I clearly remember the day, fascinated with the “ghost town” of Jerome and the ancient ruins of the pueblo people of the Verde Valley. The fun-filled family trip fueled my youthful imagination and interest in the Old West, and I have been curious about the past ever since.

Today, over five decades later, I am still addicted to road tripping across the West and the United States. My enthusiasm for Western travel has not waned, and without a doubt, after you read the following adventures from our six contributing authors, you will be ready to schedule your trip, make your reservations, pack your bags and hit the road to the wild, wild West. I think you will be planning your next Western adventure before you get home.

—Stuart Rosebrook

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