The Wild Wild West

wild-wild-westThe Wild Wild West was a hit for boomer kids who came through the glut of TV Westerns in the late 1950s, only to stumble into puberty with James Bond.

James Conrad was West, James West, a strutting, studly secret agent who wore skintight pants and tailored bolero jackets, and worked for President Ulysses S. Grant. He had his own train, a hammy sidekick and an arsenal of exploding, shooting and stabbing gizmos, and he was forever besieged by a legion of strange, cackling foes, bent on various nefarious schemes. At 5’8”, Conrad lacked the physical power and presence of Sean Connery, but he looked good on the small screen. The seven-disc set contains 28 First Season black-and-white episodes from 1965-66, with extras including commentaries by Conrad, interviews, found footage and a nice bit on the musical scoring that will lock the theme into your brain for days.

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