whatsitlikeCitizens of Cheyenne definitely know what it takes to “Live the Legend.” Millions have been poured into renovation projects of the Union Pacific Depot, Cheyenne Depot Museum, the Plains Hotel, the Governor’s Mansion and the Commercial Block and First National Bank Building—where Tom Horn confessed to killing Willie Nickell and hanged for it. Future projects include the Atlas Theatre and the Hynds Building. These folks work hard to pay tribute to those who left their marks here, as far back as the town’s founding in 1867.

What attraction in Cheyenne should not be missed?: The Wyoming State Capitol (200 W. 24th St.), with a 24k gold leaf dome.

What historic site do most schoolchildren visit?: The Historic Governor’s Mansion (300 E. 21st St.), home of 19 Wyoming First Families.

What’s everyone’s gossiping about?: The Downtown Development Council wants to pave over Gunslinger Square to improve traffic flow from the Cheyenne Depot Museum (121 W. 15th St.).  The Cheyenne Gunslingers put on their summer shows at the square, which is one of the only “green areas” left in downtown.

Best Route to Historic Downtown: Take the South Greeley exit from I-80 and head north, or the West Lincoln Highway exit from I-25 and head east.

Cheyenne’s Old West Attraction: Old West Museum (4610 Carey Ave.), Cheyenne Street Railway Trolley Tours (run from May-September, 121 W. 15th St.), Wyoming State Museum (2301 Central Ave.) and the Cheyenne Depot Museum.

Best Cowboy Bar: The Cheyenne Club (1617 Capitol Ave.) has reopened as a Country Western bar.

Favorite Local Cuisine: Beef! The Albany Restaurant (1506 Capitol Ave.) is famous for its prime rib. The Capitol Grill at the Plains Hotel (above, 1600 Central Ave.) will please your taste buds with beef marinated in Achiote and served with Green Chili-Roasted Corn Polenta.

Best Western Art Gallery: Gallery West (1601 Capitol Ave.).

July Event: The annual SASS shoot, “Hell On Wheels,” on July 5-8 and, of course, Cheyenne Frontier Days, with its outdoor rodeo (below), on July 20-29.

Best Spot to View Wildlife: Thirty miles to the west are the Rocky Mountains—plenty of scenery and wildlife up there!

Who knows Cheyenne’s history best?: William Dubois, my ninth grade Wyoming History teacher, has published books on the subject; his father was a prominent architect in Cheyenne during the mid-1900s.

Average House Cost in Cheyenne: Between $150,000 and $250,000.

Average Temperature: About 20 degrees in the winter and 80 degrees in the summer.

Restoration plans: Dinneen Motors closed its doors after almost a century of selling cars. The city plans to make the building a cornerstone to a new development. It should follow the look and feel of historic downtown.

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