Larry WingetMost people think you can happy your way to success or think your way to success or that having a positive attitude is all that it takes to be successful.  It’s a lie: it always takes work.

Some people don’t like my message. These people don’t worry me much. You can’t have rabid fans without rabid enemies.

The one character I am in awe of is Capt. Woodrow Call from Lonesome Dove.  Anyone who would carry his friend’s body over 3,000 miles to bury him simply because he gave his word he would do it is worthy of awe.  People don’t take giving their word as seriously these days.

The best Western ever is The Magnificent Seven.  I love the premise that people finally get tired of their situation, take responsibility, hire experts, then learn to stand up for themselves.  Great Western, and it’s a good lesson for everyone.

Don’t get me started on people who talk in theaters. Go to a movie; when it starts, shut up! How hard is that?

My daddy always told me: “Smile, it don’t cost nothing.”  Bad grammar, but a great reminder!

I started collecting boots because I grew up dirt poor watching Country singer Porter Wagoner on TV and believing that’s how rich people dressed. I swore that if I ever got rich, I would dress like that.

I am one of those guys who needs to try it, screw up and experience some pain for me to really learn the lesson.

I had a mid-life crisis when I realized I was living a lie by saying what the audience wanted me to say instead of what I truly believed. I overhauled my life, my message and my career in order to become authentic with my words and even with how I dress.  That’s when my career really took off.

The best part of being on the road is the food.  Calories on the road don’t count.

History has taught me that people have always been the same: good or bad.  Now we are more aware of it because of the media and the Internet. People’s secrets can no longer be kept secret.

Nobody knows that I own every Jim Beam Elvis decanter and that my ashes are going to go into one of them when I die.

I always knew I’d be good because my goal was never to be anything less than that.

The secret to a happy marriage is to let the other person be who they are and put up with it.  But the key to my happy marriage is that my wife and I are both in love with the same man.


Larry Winget, Pitbull of Personal Development

Motivational speaker Larry Winget is a five-time Wall Street Journal and New York Times best-selling author and television personality. His next book will be titled Grow a Pair: How to Stand Up and Take Control of Your Life, Your Business and Your Future. The native Oklahoman and resident of Paradise Valley, Arizona, is also famously known for owning more than 100 pairs of cowboy boots. He keeps bootmakers busy all the time with his custom designs! Follow him on his Facebook Larry Winget fan page to get daily rants, opinions and more.

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