Night Riders in the Tallgrass

night-riders-in-the-tall-grass-by-mo-griffinMo Griffin’s Night Riders in the Tallgrass is an uncomplicated cowboy story that, once Griffin gets up to speed, becomes an enjoyable adventure. More meticulous plot and hero development hinder this book from becoming a classic.

Griffin captures the Kansas landscape, and his supporting characters are compelling and fun. Night Rider’s hero, Ty McCord, rides as a Confederate sharpshooter and Texas Ranger into the Kansas grasslands. He finds himself in trouble when he falls for a smart, headstrong woman. Trouble finds him a second timewhen he fights a cutthroat band of horse thieves who are bent on stealing his mounts. Griffin certainly shows he has the stuff for great storytelling.

Vernon Trollinger, author of Haunted Iowa City.

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