best-of-western-books_jessie-mullins_true-west-magazineIf ever an Old West lawman deserved his due, Bob Paul did. Several have made a run at sharing his story, including Roy Young, who uncovered new materials and photos and wrote a long overdue biography of the lawman. But John Boessenecker built upon Young’s work and took Paul up to the ranks of the worthy.

This ex-cop, perhaps channeling his own experience into the life and times of the southern Arizona stalwart, has given us the benchmark for all future bios of Paul. (Full disclosure: Our own Bob Boze Bell created the cover image for the book, but even he is awed by the level of style and discourse Boessenecker brings to his subject.)

In his consummate work, Boessenecker has raised Paul up to his rightful place, shoulder to shoulder with Wyatt Earp, and with any other legendary lawman who had the sand to do the job.

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