uberti_el-patron_cowboy-shooter.El Patrón is an appropriate name for Benelli USA’s Uberti 1873 Cattleman single-action revolver. In English definitions of the Spanish term you’ll find the words protector, landlord or patron—meaning one who is in charge—the boss.

This is a clone of the Old West favorite, the Colt Peacemaker,  the six-gun  so often used by Bill Tilghman, Bat Masterson, the Texas Rangers, the Arizona Rangers and others who protected the lawless frontier. These were the men in charge of law and order, and they relied on their six-guns to uphold the peace. In a sense, they were the Patróns of the West.

El Patrón is not just another import single action. Each one has been hand tuned and fitted with high-grade, American-made Wolff springs, which have long been recognized as offering the smoothest and most reliable gun springs. Further, each revolver has been carefully tested and certified for flawless fit and function, presenting the shooter with a single-action six-shooter that is reliable, lighter and faster, and boasts a smooth-tuned action.

El Patrón offers six factory custom-tuned versions. The six-gunner can select either a 4¾-inch or a 5½-inch barreled, blued revolver with a color  case-hardened frame in .357 Magnum or .45 Colt caliber or a 4¾-inch or 5½-inch stainless steel model in .45 Colt chambering. Weighing in at around 2.3 pounds, these smokewagons come with numbered cylinders, steel back straps and trigger guards (like the originals) and are handsomely fitted with checkered walnut stocks and wide, easy-view front and rear sights.

Cowboy Mounted Shooters will be glad to know that Uberti is now also offering the El Patrón Cowboy Mounted Shooter. Sold in traditional blued and color case-hardened finish or stainless steel, the El Patrón Cowboy Mounted Shooter model features a shorter barrel to aid in a quicker draw from a galloping horse and a lower hammer profile, much like that of the old Colt Bisley model, to make cocking easier and quicker. It’s offered in the mounted shooter’s favored 3½-inch or four-inch barrel lengths in the blued model in .357 Magnum or .45 Colt caliber, while the stainless steel model is offered only in the 3½-inch barrel length in either chambering. Bear in mind though that only the .45 Colt caliber is allowed for use in mounted shooting competition.

If you are a Cowboy Action Shooter, a Cowboy Mounted Shooter, a living history Old West buff or simply someone who loves to shoot a finely tuned, old-style single-action revolver, you would do well to give some consideration to Uberti’s El Patróns. I’ve handled them, and I can honestly say they really capture the look and feel of the Wild West!


The “Boss” revolver carried by frontier lawmen such as Bill Tilghman and Bat Masterson has been remade as Uberti’s El Patón. The accurate replica of the post-1896 Peacemaker is available in .357 magnum and .45 Colt in  4-inch and 5 inch (shown) barrels.

– All photos courtesy Uberti unless otherwise noted –

The El Patrón’s smooth action and authentic look make it ideal for Cowboy Action or Cowboy Mounted Shooting competitions, historical re-enactments, film work or other historical presentations. It’s a cowboy gun for cowboy shooters.

These Texas Rangers carry the typical weapons of the law and order battalion—Winchester 1873 rifles with Colt Single Action revolvers.– Courtesy Robert G. McCubbin Collection –

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