purveyors-of-old-west-1It’s been a number of years since anyone thought of San Francisco and its urbane Northern California environs as Western.

But Jan Brandt discovered the Old West about 40 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge in the lovely town of Petaluma. Born in Ohio, Jan moved to California in 1979 and was immediately absorbed by Petaluma’s heritage and by the rolling grasslands that look as if they were made for grazing cattle.

Fascinated by horses and loving to ride, Jan was drawn to the sport of cutting and has become skilled at separating cows from a herd during competitions. She opened Silver J Western Wear in 1993, determined to separate her business from the other Western clothing stores.

No matter if you want to dress like George Strait or Wyatt Earp, Silver J Western Wear can outfit you with clothes, boots and accessories from some of the nation’s leading Western manufacturers, such as Wahmaker, Lucchese, Wrangler, Cinch and Vogt Silversmiths. And if wedding bells are in your plans, check out Jan’s offering of Western and Victorian wedding gowns and Western tuxedos.

So do yourself a favor when you next cruise up U.S. 101 toward the wine country of Sonoma Valley. Drop into Silver J Western Wear and let Jan and her staff give you a “Sterling Western Experience.” It’s sure to make the wine taste so much better.


— R.G. Robertson

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