Lawman-jeansFrom James Dean to Adriano Moraes, from the good guys to the bad, everybody’s favorite rebel or hero wears jeans. Blue or black denim jeans may be the most popular, but don’t discount jeans made from leather, suede or brushed cotton.

Never before have jeans been so varied in style: embellished, leather-trimmed, studded, fringed, patched, cut-out and more. Slap a designer name on the rear and the price runs from affordable to unthinkable.

Hats Off to the Innovators

When Wrangler offered women the front-zip option over 50 years ago, women’s lib truly began! Wrangler moved to the head of the pack partly because women equalized the market. “We based our diverse styling on the snowflake theory,” states Joe Hertz, Wrangler Western Wear vice president of GM specialty apparel. “No two are alike.”

Lawman Jeans wins the originality category hands down with their sexy leather and pizazzy suede appliqués. Diamond Cut Jeans eliminated saddle fatigue by inserting a comfy gusset at the crotch instead of a four-way seam, which made their jeans beloved by endurance riders and competition cowboys. Resistol Rodeo Gear takes the honors for a rugged, great fit—the basic reason men buy ’em and wear ’em.

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