The Little Cow in Valle Grande (Fiction)

little-cow-in-valle-grande_skillman-kim-hunter_bilingual-storyAimed for children 2-8, this bilingual story is about a calf named Buddie who wants to find out what awaits him at the top of a nearby mountain.

Against his mother’s advice, he makes the journey and discovers while the mountain is beautiful, it can also be dangerous. A snowstorm finds him many miles from home. Cold, wet and hungry, he makes skis out of tree branches and slides back down the mountain to his mother’s side. This story is a yawn, offering no discernable value for kids. Too, there is trouble with the translations. Even the title is confusing by mixing in English, “Little Cow,” referring to the female heifer, with “Becerrito,” which in Spanish means a bull calf. Say what?

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