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As far as anyone knows, Wyatt was never recorded on cinematic film.

The Illustrated Life and Times of Wyatt Earp mentions Hollywood director Alan Dwan’s claim that Wyatt appeared as an extra in The Half-Breed (see below).

Earp expert Jeff Morey watched the film and determined the face that was supposed to be Wyatt’s looks more like Cochise County Sheriff John Slaughter. (That may be a coincidence, too.)

As the Old West faded from reality into myth, other notorious Western figures, such as Emmett Dalton, Bill Tilghman and Henry Starr dabbled in motion pictures.

Wyatt also hung out with the Hollywood crowd. Tom Mix and William S. Hart were pallbearers at his funeral, but as far as we know, his rugged, handsome looks never got on the silver screen.

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