shootingfromhipIn this post 9•11 world, where it is getting harder to travel with firearms or wear one as part of an Old West outfit, help is on the way!

John Bianchi’s Frontier Gunleather and EMF Co. have joined forces in bringing out a “Dry Fire”  single action revolver. This full-sized, fully functional Colt Peacemaker replica has all of the working parts of the post-1896 six-shooters, and the gun is stamped with serial numbers just like those found on the originals. Revolvers are offered in 43?4-, 51?2– and 71?2-inch barrel lengths.

A Dry Fire six-gun differs from typical six-guns in that the firearm cannot be fired with any ammunition—live or blank.  Possessing a similar weight and balance of an original, it looks, feels and handles like the real thing. This revolver has been ruled by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms as a non-firing, non-gun for legal purposes, however, except upon the closest inspection, it is virtually indistinguishable from a live fire original.

Manufactured to exacting standards in Italy by Pietta (which also makes fully functional shooting replicas such as EMF’s Great Western II series), the Dry Fire six-gun is made up of the same precision machined steel parts and forgings used to make the live-firing replicas. The Dry Fire model, though, has several safety features that prevent alteration. Ammunition loading is prevented since the barrel is not completely bored through and the cylinder chambers are also blocked and are slightly offset. A live-fire cylinder cannot be inserted into the frame. And the spring-loaded firing pin, which is visible when the revolver is cocked, retracts when the hammer is dropped into firing position.

Since the Dry Fire models are so much like the originals, a competent gunsmith can service and repair it. Those interested in utilizing the revolver for fast draw, fancy gun handling or SASS-type shooting can have it fine-tuned like a live-fire revolver. Because these hoglegs cannot fire any ammunition, a Federal Firearms License is not required, nor are there delays or transfer, registration or shipping problems. EMF, the exclusive dealer for the Dry Fire six-gun, says each revolver is a cash and carry proposition.

I’ve seen and handled this Dry Fire six-gun and believe me, you can’t tell the difference until you open it up. A blue and color case-hardened model with walnut stocks retails for $365, while the nickel-plated model with simulated ivory grips costs $435. For a non-gun that looks so much like the real deal it’d probably fool Paladin, contact EMF at or 800-430-1310. For gunleather accessories, contact John Bianchi’s Frontier Gunleather at or 877-877-4704.

Next time you feel like traveling with your gun to Western re-enactments or practicing safe gun twirling, you can.

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