Man-Hunters Robert DeArment True West Magazine
Man-Hunters of the Old West, Vol. 2 by Review of Robert DeArment.

Robert DeArment’s near 40-year writing career is amazing, and he’s still cranking out new books at the age of 92—and books of quality and substance, to boot. His latest effort is Man-Hunters of the Old West, Vol. 2, (University of Oklahoma Press, $29.95).

These are stories of the famous and unknown lawmen. Pat Garrett, Harry Morse and Bass Reeves are among the former. A bit more obscure are Tom Tobin and Frank Norfleet. Each of these mini-biographies is well researched and well written, as one has come to expect from DeArment.

This is a book for enjoyment and education, interesting and informative and a “must have” for the library.

—Mark Boardman, Features Editor, True West magazine

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