monogram-cowboy-collection-waner-b-western-collection-dvdOf the eight features in this Monogram B-Westerns collection, two are in color (Cinecolor), and they both star Rod Cameron, who might have reached a higher rung in the star ladder, had he gotten better breaks.

Had he played a bad cop of a loser crook like Sterling Hayden in The Killing, we’d know him better than we do today. The two Cameron films in the collection, Fort Osage and Wagons West, are smart, better than average in their writing and particularly sympathetic to American Indians.

The other six films star Whip Wilson, who did pretty much exactly what he was expected to do.  The Wilson Oaters are decent black-and-white B-pictures, maybe a notch above middlin’, but not much.  These are snack-size time fillers.

The Warner Archive people did a fine job of cleaning up the negatives, and I hope they pull out a few more Westerns from their shelves.

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