New Mexico: A History

Joseph-P-Sanchez-Robert-L-Spude_Art-GomeThe history of New Mexico is long and complex. The collaborative effort of authors Joseph P. Sánchez, Robert L. Spude and Art Gómez, New Mexico: A History, has created a new standard sourcebook and chronology of New Mexico events of the past 500 years, improving upon the most recent work of this scope, Warren A. Beck’s 1962 New Mexico: A History of Four Centuries.

On every subject, leading experts are referenced, from Hubert Howe Bancroft  to Gerald Nash. Spanning the millennium from prehistoric cultures to current economies, this book provides plentiful insights on New Mexico’s rich heritage and contribution to North American history, including modern controversies like water rights and mining, to anecdotes that include the Mexican origins of the Santa Fe Trail’s “Missouri” mules.

—Jim Turner, author of Arizona: A Celebration of the Grand Canyon State

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