western-books_statehood-of-afffaaris_daniel-r-cillis_new-mexico_arizonaIn this fun and insightful work of historical fiction, Statehood of Affairs (iUniverse, $24.95), Daniel R. Cillis presents readers with an excursion into a hidden history of New Mexico and its long struggle to achieve statehood.

By leading the audience through an international plot centered around the mysterious Article X of the Treaty of Mesilla, known as the Revert Document, Cillis crafts a story of romance and revenge, with major significance for New Mexico’s fate in the Union. Embroiled in this plot is Sheriff Adobe Centori of Valtura, who finds that statehood, as well as life and love, are at stake.

—Bryan Turo, who will be presenting the lecture, “1912: Statehood for New Mexico and Arizona,” on June 13 at the New Mexico History Museum

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