The Adventures of Johnny Vermillion (Fiction)

adventures-johnny-vermillion_fiction_loren-d-estleman_robbing-bank_pinkerton_theatrical-companyWhat more profitable and baffling way to rob than by magic?

Dashing Johnny Vermillion, head of the Prairie Rose Theatrical Company, proves his four fellow thespians are quicker than their audience’s eyes. With all, supposedly, on stage at once, one is invariably across the street heisting the local bank. But a different conjurer plans to lower the curtain on such nefarious performances while deskbound Pinkerton operative Rittenhouse clips Prairie Rose reviews coinciding with bank jobs in the same town. When he moves west in an attempt to crack the case, the Ace in the Hole Gang rides madly across his trail to beat Vermillion to the next bank. This rousing tale of chicanery is jampacked with greed, betrayal and delightful dastardliness. Cassidy, Holmes and Houdini would have given this book three six-gun salutes.

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