Nickel-Plated Dream (Fiction)

nickel-plated-dream_stephen-lodge_fast-draw_movie-ranchYou could call him a ghost gunman of the Wild West shows for he was part of a vanishing breed.

Back in the glory days of Guy Madison, Roy Rogers and John Wayne, one lucky teenager leaves home with a talent for the perfect fast draw. The Kid hunts adventure and finds it in spades at veteran Western star Crash Corrigan’s movie ranch attraction. There, the 16-year-old gunfighter/stuntman clashes with the trick shot headliner, rescuing a beautiful young girl from the quick-trigger villain. This authentic, behind-the-scenes tale of a square-shooting young hero can only be topped if the Kid meets John Wayne and performs in the Duke’s Comancheros. Readers will have their fingers crossed as they turn the pages of this story of love and courage to find the answer to that one!

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