Bob Boze Bell

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Saving The Alamo

The true history of the Alamo is long and complicated, but preserving it is even harder.

true west magazine

Wild, Wild Truths

Sometimes the truth is wilder than anything you can make up.

big nose kate doc holliday true west magazine

The Last Days of Kate & Doc

Kate “Big Nose” Elder recalls her final,  violent days with Doc Holliday, the Earps and the Cow-boys in the Arizona Territory town of Tombstone.

maynard dixon true west magazine

Dixon Rocks

One of my favorite working vacations was staying at the Maynard Dixon cabin and art studio in Mount Carmel, Utah, in September of 2017. I finished my book on Wild Bill in the rock-sided studio’s great room. You can stay there as well and I highly recommend it. I have also made a few runs at Maynard and his geometric style myself.
— Photo and Artwork by Bob Boze Bell —