We Go Way Back With Old Tucson
This was back in 1975, and here I am with Dan the Man Harshberger (far left), Terry Townsend (middle) and the general manager of Old Tucson, who presented The Razz Revue with an extra-large Oscar. Flash forward, a friend of this magazine (that would be True West) has put in a bid to run the park (see Jana’s “Old West Savior” column, p. 18). And I have been listed as a history consultant on the project. If it happens, expect to have some good, old historical fun at this venerable landmark.


Is it my imagination, or can we see some daylight on the horizon from here? Dare I say, some of us are even making plans for hitting the road this summer. And that hopefully includes us coming out your way and having some fun.



It has been a rough patch, to say the least. I was talking to Marshall Trimble (“Ask the Marshall,” p. 126) and he told me about comparing notes with his troubadour pard, Dolan Ellis, and between the two of them they have had zero gigs for almost a year. And these two guys are used to performing at least 300 shows a year. Individually!



I know the pain. I had planned a big speaking tour—The Never Surrender Tour of 2020—to promote my Geronimo book. I had several dates booked with more commitments pending, but they got pandemic-cancelled, and I never did one gig. You might say I surrendered completely. If I have my way, that is going to change this year. The True West Thank You Tour kicks off this June in Deadwood. Wish us luck and stay tuned for details. We hope to see you this summer.


Bob Boze Bell

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